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Are you still not sure if a loan is for you?

You can get answers to some of the most common questions right here.

How much can I borrow?

Loans range from $25.00 to the state regulated maximum of $500.00

Is the payday loan industry regulated?

Yes. Same Day Loan Co. is licensed by the State of Missouri Division of Finance. In order to maintain that license, a business must receive an acceptable rating on their annual review performed by state regulators.

Will I be ineligible if my bank balance is in the negative or I have some returned checks on my statement?

 Not necessarily. We look at the entire 30 day bank statement. Other factors such as length of employment, income, if you are direct deposit all play a role in eligibility. We suggest that you stop by one of our offices with your information. We will make every effort to work with you to approve you for a loan.

How much do you charge?

 Our fees are among the lowest in the St. Louis/St. Charles County area. Our interest rate is based on a 15% fee charged for each 14 day loan period. For example, if you borrowed $200, at the end of the 14 days your balance would be $230. If you paid the money back sooner, your interest would be prorated. So lets say you take out a $200 loan on Monday. You get paid from your job on Friday. The balance owed on your payday (four days later) is $208.56. We suggest you call around, then check with us. We think you will find our fees lower than our competitors and we are always happy to quote our rates over the phone.

Your loans are for 14 days. What if I get paid monthly?

We offer special terms for our seniors and those on monthly disability. Most loan companies will adjust your payment due date to coincide with the day you receive your benefit check. However, they will charge you for those extra days. Same Day Loan will hold your loan at no additional charge as long as the balance is paid in full when your benefit is received. Call one of our offices and we will be happy to explain your payment options.

Can I pay my loan off early?

The answer is yes and we encourage customers to do so. Our interest is pro-rated. If you come into one of our offices to pay your loan off early with cash, you will only pay for the days that you had the loan out.

Low rates.
No credit checks

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